You are participant of the 2020 edition and you didn’t receive any credit not ?

Please send an email to

Would you like to register for the 2021 trip with your 2020 credit note?

HHere are the dates of the 2021 Country Week Festival trip:

From Sunday, April 11th to Saturday, April 17th From Sunday 24th of October until Saturday 30th of October 2021

Here are the dates for Line Week Festival trip:

From Sunday 31st of October to Saturday 6th of From Sunday 31st of October to Saturday 6th of November 2021

To register thanks to your credit note on one of these weeks, please send an email to the XXL team with the chosen week, your To register with your credit note on one of these trips, please send an email to the Entre Nous team including the trip, the week chosen if you chose the XXL trip, your name, your first name and the credit number

The credit note remains acquired for its value and may under no circumstances be used on a current promotion for a future trip, or be associated with the “Opti Plus Tréso” account.The credit note will be retained for its value and cannot be used on a current promotion for a future trip or be associated with the “Opti Plus Tréso” account.

Do you wish to be reimbursed of the 2020 edition ?Would you like to be reimbursed for your 2020 holiday?

To be reimbursed, please send your request by email to Your refund will be effective within 18 months of the issue of the credit note, as announced in the order of 25 March 2020, relating to the financial conditions for the termination of certain tourist travel and holiday contracts in the event of exceptional and unavoidable circumstances or force majeure;   “This ordinance modifies the obligations of professionals to allow them to offer their customers, for a strictly determined period and limited in time, a refund in the form of a proposal for an identical or equivalent service, or by means of a credit note valid over a long period, of eighteen months, with the aim of balancing support for businesses in the sector in this period of crisis with respect for consumer rights. ” Article 1 of this order is effective not only for contracts for the sale of travel and holidays mentioned in II and 2° of III of Article L.211-14 of the Tourism Code sold by an organiser or retailer, but also for any other contract relating to the services mentioned in 2°, 3° and 4° of I of Article L.211-2 of the same Code.

Can I change the name of my credit to benefit a family member or a friend?

It is possible to change the name of your 2020 credit for the 2021 edition. The person whose name was originally on the credit must inform Entre Nous of the change by sending an email to with the credit number and the name of the person who will benefit from it. Entre Nous will amend the credit note and send it to the new participant.